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Designed to lift the burden of the business off the Dentists shoulders, we wrap our doctors in a highly trained team and provide an effective infrastructure that reduces stress and allows them to live a more balanced life.


At New Horizons Dental, you’re free to practice dentistry without the distractions of running a business. With one of the best support teams in the industry handling all of the routine administrative and operational chores, you can provide optimal dental health to your patients.


Dentistry is hard enough.  Instead of spending your extra time worrying about marketing, ordering supplies, or meeting payroll, free yourself of the business and live your life.  We encourage our docs to maintain a healthy work/life balance.


Keeping our doctors at the forefront of their profession is one of our major areas of focus.  Through our frequent Continuing Education and training opportunities, you’ll be kept up to speed with the latest technological advances, treatment methods, products, and systems to ensure better clinical outcomes and a greater patient experience.


We take great pride in the care we give to patients.  We also take great pride in the way we take care of our docs.  Most of our docs earn significantly more than their peers in private practice and they have access to a robust benefits package.  You’re worth it and we know it.

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I genuinely love that if I have any questions, I know that I can count on anyone at New Horizons Dental to help me right away.  It could be a computer issue, that Brandon jumps on right away to insure that we are working at top notch speed.  I love that the New Horizons Dental team personally comes down to meet with us, but also have fun with us as a team. It really feels like working with a family.  Working with New Horizons Dental has been fantastic!  

Tiffany Cox
Tiffany CoxDental Assistant, Rossville Family Dental - Rossville, KS

I love working with the NHDPM because they take care of the vital, behind-the-scenes business items that are so hard to accomplish throughout the typical dental work day.  I remember back in the day when I tried to stay on top of a small portion of this myself, and it was so difficult to find the time.  As a doctor, my greatest value is being chair-side, doing dentistry and taking great care of patients.  The NHDPM is well-versed in properly executing all functions in the day-to-day business, as well as being invaluable resource for human resources and legal matters.  I love having this team on my side!

Kate Gross
Kate GrossDDS, New Horizons Dental Care - Salina, KS

What I love about working with the New Horizons Dental Practice Management is…EVERYTHING!  The support we are given is top notch. Anything I ever have a question about or an issue with is usually quickly resolved. I am often asked for feedback or ideas when new systems are being implemented, I love being involved in things of that nature. I have a lot of experience in the field and expertise in many aspects of private and large group dental practices so it is important to me that my knowledge and skills are valued on a larger scale than just managing my specific practice.  I love the atmosphere and culture that is created from the collaboration for the leaders in this group. We are a patient-focused organization so everything we do is in the best interest of the patient. It’s not all about the numbers or the money. All of that will follow if you take care of the patients. I love that NHDPM recognizes that and focuses on the patient experience.   I love that we can reach out to our fellow offices for support and collaboration on just about anything. I could go on and on and on…I have my career home with NHDPM. 

Cindy Letourneau
Cindy LetourneauOffice Manager, Hillside Family Dentist - Wichita, KS

I just happened to come across this opportunity as a young dentist and it has been an essential jumpstart to my career. With the New Horizons Dental Practice Management, I’ve had the ability to focus on building my clinical skills and understanding the importance of building a culture in the office.  I’ve had countless opportunities to collaborate with my colleagues and attend  continuing education events that brings outstanding speakers– all organized by New Horizons Dental. The mentorship from my colleagues but especially Dr. Guy and Dr. Kate has helped propel my career to where it is today. The implementation of digital technology in our office has been monumental early in my career. None of this would have been possible without the support that our office has received from NHDPM.

Cindy Mo
Cindy MoDDS, New Horizons Dental Care - Salina, KS

I enjoy the people who work for and run New Horizons Dental Practice Mangement.  They are down to earth and really care about everyone’s well-being.  They let me focus on dentistry and how I want to be as a provider.  It is nice to get together with a group of like-minded individuals and work on becoming better at our craft. 

Tyson Lebedoff
Tyson LebedoffDDS, Skyview Family Dental - Tulsa, OK

What I love about working with the New Horizons Dental Practice Management most is the Continuing Education! Being a dental hygienist, staying in the know is very important to me! I want to give our patients the kind of care they expect and deserve. I also appreciate our culture here. It keeps us committed to serving our patients and each other. I work with great people that I can count on in and out of the office. The benefits are always a great plus. I always appreciate what has been done for me in terms of trust and respect. This has been a great place to start my career and I plan on sticking around for quite a while longer. 

Lisa Douglass
Lisa DouglassRegistered Dental Hygienist, New Horizons Dental Care - Salina, KS

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